An incubator program that goes beyond the money

How it works
Our program
Ideas and Team

This is the first half of the 6-month program.

You focus on finding your co-founder and coming up with ideas. We support you with €2000 per month. You have a packed schedule. You form new teams every week and build things. That’s how you get to know your cohort. During this stage, you develop a better understanding of your competitive advantages and game plan.

Product development

After 3 months, you have a team and a finalized idea. Every team with a solid idea gets a €25k investment.

From then on it’s all rapid prototyping, testing hypothesis and understanding your customers. We will provide access to GPUs, cloud servers, datasets, and all of the necessary resources for product development and market research. Your meetings with domain experts will become more frequent, technical and intense.


After 6 months you might want to look for funding. We recommend going the ICO route, since it has many advantages over the traditional way. By this time, you’ll be independent and begin to work with investors. You’ll have access to 6 months of continued support from hackmind’s partners and advisors. Same goes for servers, tools and infrastructure etc.

What’s the deal?
We give €2000 per month as a fellowship for the first three months to find a co-founder and develop an idea
then we invest €25k Euro in exchange for 7%. After 6 months, you can get up to €100k optional investment.
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