Innovation without execution is hallucination

How it works
Our program
Build your dream team

In the first 3 months, you’ll focus on finding and validating your co-founder. The hackFund fellowship supports you with €2000 per month. At hackmind, we believe in productivity growth, You form new teams every week – that’s how you get to know your cohort. We measure the teams by their ability to work together on a series of fast-paced projects. During this stage, you get clarity on your competitive advantage and game plan.

Idea generation

At hackmind, we are in pursuit of radical change, not simple optimization. In the second month, you’ll generate ideas that could potentially make the world 100x better. You’ll test your ideas, question every part, and collaborate with relevant domain experts to strengthen your concepts and abandon implausible ideas. 

Product development

Now, you have your teams and ideas finalized. Your meetings with domain experts become more in-depth. During this process of rapid prototyping and iteration, we will provide access to GPUs, cloud servers, datasets, and all of the necessary resources for product development. You will present your product at an in-house demo day, where we fund the best teams and ideas. You’ll have a €25k investment to help you along your way.

Demo day

You’ll have a chance to present your product and teams to the top angels and VCs from all over the world, and potentially raise your series seed round.

Scale & grow

After raising your series seed round, you’ll have access to 6 months of support from hackmind’s partners. By this time, you’ll be independent and begin to work with investors. However, we will always be available to help.

What’s the deal?
We give €2000 per month as a fellowship for the first three months to find a co-founder and develop an idea
then we invest €25k Euro in exchange for 7%.
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