The Hackmind program runs twice a year. We engage a close community with interest in machine learning, distributed systems and cryptography to inspire and support each other.

Phase 1
Week 1 - Week 16
€2,000/Month Talent Fellowship
Find co-founder(s),develop an idea and draft a white paper
Selection Process
Week 16
Phase 2
Week 17+
€100K investment each selected team
Develop MVC and prepare for pre-sale ICO

Technical founders don’t need to have an existing idea to join Hackmind. In the first 4 month, founders will develop an idea and find co-founder(s) in the Hackmind community. We encourage founders to work on ideas that are continuations of their research and industrial experience. We challenge founders to solve technical problems instead of working on “good ideas”.
During Phase 1, we will expose technical founders to business skills and how ICO works. We also host all kinds of activities to help founders to turn their expertise and obsession into solid ideas. Founders will get to know each other through working together. We believe in this is the best way to learn about how the other thinks, works, and to discover whether there are complementary skill sets.

A number of projects will be selected to continue to Phase 2. It is a competitive process where decisions are based on the team, idea and quality of the white paper.

In Phase 2, team will work towards building a Minimal Viable Community (MVC) while continuing the white paper. We will also provide guidance on product building and project management. In preparation towards your ICO we will support you on the following challenges:
· Technical architecture review
· Product market fit assessment
· Product build
· Token economics evaluation
· PR & Marketing strategy
· ICO community management

What We Offer At Hackmind

Office Space

The “Hackmind studio” at our office located in heart of Berlin is open for our cohort 24/7.


There is a weekly office hour with the team at Hackmind. Depending on your needs and goals, we will make strategic introductions to our network to provide additional support, guidance and advice.

Speaker Series

We host fireside chats on a regular basis and invite guests to join. Our guests are typically startup founders, investors, research scientists and Hackmind alumni.

Financial Support

We support each founder with €2000/month for the first 4 months. We then invest €100K in each selected project for the pre-ICO round.

Founder Legal Forum

We have a dedicated group providing links and articles to useful tools and educational content for your company. This is also a virtual platform that can be used to ask questions and start discussions with other founders, both in our community and from our portfolio companies.

Social Events

We also host various social events and meetups in the Hackmind space. These are great opportunities to stay connected with the Berlin ecosystem and to reach out to a broader community.

Partner Resources

We offer free resources from our strategic partners, such as AWS credits, Google Cloud, legal assistance from our general counsel.

Friday Pitch Session

Every Friday we host pitch sessions for founders to practice their communication skills and receive feedback. Some of these sessions are private, some are semi-public and some are open to the community.