Together At hackmind

What we do

We are the crypto fund focused on decentralized artificial intelligence products, based in Berlin. This page is for you if you want to join hackmind and help to build the fund and ecosystem.  As the crypto fund, we invest in strong talents with risky ideas. and while individuals efforts may fail—a natural consequence of taking risk — we are confident that the total portfolio will do well.

Raw Talent Appreciated

We select for intelligence, ingenuity and courage rather than degrees or the keywords on your CV. We still read every application.

We’ll save you the talk about ‘diversity’, ‘educational opportunities’, ‘great community’ or the images of people playing ping pong and applauding someone with a blazer in front of a whiteboard. Everybody says that, but living it is something else.

So, if you are inventive, goal-driven and a fast learner, great compensation and fancy benefits won’t be an issue. We put your talent to a good use.

Our Approach

We are starting up but technically, we are not a startup. Unlike most Berlin startups we already have enough Bitcoin, which gives us a solid runway to focus on a long-term impact and building a great culture, rather than pitching 24/7 and wasting time finding investors.

Instead, we focus on deep tech and on providing a unique environment for engineers and scientists. We are allergic to e-commerce, content farms, social sharing apps or the next to-do list maker. In 2017, websites like these should not be called startups.

What being a Hacker means

You should think like a hacker. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to know how to code for every job, although it’s a bonus. We select for people who can improvise, prototype and aren’t afraid to try new processes:

  • Want to make a design better? Instead of pixel-pushing, ask the coder next to you to show you some Javascript and put an interactive version on the web.
  • Got a great idea for a computer-aided music workshop inside a Burning Man-esque tent? Order some MIDI instruments, linen, carpets and get going.
  • Anything else? Tell us in your cover letter


Send your CV with a few paragraphs (eg Cover Letter), mention your favorite books and also what’s weird about you. [email protected]

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