Welcome to the Hackmind 2018 Fall Batch!

Join a community of engineers and hackers to build the decentralized future in Berlin
October, 2018

Why decentralization matters?

Crypto-networks offer a new and improved way to build open source projects. For the first time ever, open source projects can self-finance with contributors, while each is proportionately rewarded with the future value that is created. It uses consensus mechanisms to maintain the project, and uses cryptocurrencies to incentivize participants. The token has also become a powerful tool for the coordination of efforts. Crypto-networks align network participants to work together toward a common goal: the growth of the network and token. As a result, it is difficult for conventionally-backed proprietary startups to compete.

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A list of topics we are interested in exploring this year

Decentralized Data Marketplace

In order to create efficient AI algorithms, we need a robust data framework. A decentralized data marketplace creates incentives for data sharing, exchange, and protocols to protect privacy.

Distributed Private Machine Learning

Distributed learning from private data without disclosing the model.

Decentralized AI Applications with Token Economy

Tokens create an economic paradigm for a community of users to adopt the applications.

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