Funding a community of engineers & scientists in Berlin.

Here at hackmind:
  • You find a co-founder, develop an idea you love, and build the foundations of a company you are proud to call your own. You do not need an idea to apply.
  • Engineers & scientists validate each other’s ideas. We see management interference as a problem and the scientific method as a viable alternative.
  • We believe people underestimate themselves. Here we offer a supporting community that drives engineers to unlock their full potentials.
  • We envision this as an experiment to explore new ways business and workplace runs in the future.

Second batch starts in October – 2018 

Beyond the money: scientific and engineering greatness is a process of discovery

Here is what is going on at hackmind: We fund scientists and engineers from all fields up to 130k (and spend an additional 30k) over a period of 6 month. Here, they find a co-founder they love to work with, develop an idea they love to work on for the next 10 years, and start building a company. Our job is to take business bureaucracy out of the way (so people can focus on creating a truly world-changing idea) and to create system that goes beyond money:

Massive reduction in risk

You do not have the risk typically associated with incubators and other “capital first” ventures. Here, if your idea does not pan out, you can still go back to the pursuit of your studies, get a job with a traditional company or pursue other financing options through our network.

Scientists & Engineers validating each other's ideas

Your idea is yours and it is validated by participants of the program. With engineers and scientists validating each other’s ideas, we think better ideas come about. It means that management won’t get in the way.

Great engineers are engineered.

We think that engineering and scientific greatness is engineered, and the journey from great to outstanding is a human experiment where we work together to maximize our performance as individuals and as a community. As such, we like design thinking, gamification and experimental psychology as tools to become better at building successful companies we love. Our company name says it all, doesn’t it?

A movement

We reckon that a model of building companies by building human capital should be replicable. Once we validate this, we think we can offer the world a new way of build and managing companies that takes the best of corporate and startup cultures and make it better.

Massive collective action

We feel that those that feel underutilized and/or unhappy with their current situation can do better. We feel that people vastly underestimate their abilities and the power of the collective. What if the difference from good to great is ours to create?

Problems we want to work on
From horses to engines to self driving cars - how to find a better solution for the future.
Provide solutions to make the $3 trillion healthcare industry more affordable and accessible.
Reform the logistics industry using intelligent delivery.
Improve the quality of mass education with adaptive learning.
Solve the housing crisis, reduce the cost of construction, and bring efficiency to building information modeling.
Invent ways to defend data from cyberattacks.
Explore various techniques to feed 10 billion people by 2050.
Revolutionize in-store and online shopping experiences.
Democratize the legal industry with deep learning technologies.
Cracking the space industry without a rocket using robotics and AI

Who we want

Scientists, engineers, and hackers that believe we can do something awesome here.

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: October 2018 

How: If you’re selected, we will help you with your transition 

Apply now for the second cohort in October 2018.


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