AI Incubator For The Decentralized Future

We fund technical talents to build AI startups pre-idea/team in Berlin.

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Best Place To Find Your Co-founder

Hackmind brings together top engineering talents and determined entrepreneurs to a closed community. Here you have the best chance to find your co-founder.

Support Fundraising Through ICO

ICO could potentially bring more resources and efficiency to the ecosystem relative to the traditional Venture Capital (VC) model.

Every Project Is Open-sourced

Open source means that codes will be available to all and benefit a broader community even if the project falls. It leads to better collaboration and better transparency.

We Fund You From Day 1

We support each founder with €2,000/month for 4 months in Phase 1. We invest €100,000 in each project that is selected to enter Phase 2.

AnyLedger //A Story from the First Hackmind Batch

AnyLedger enables every physical asset to exchange value and interact with smart contracts by using a dedicated hardware wallet.

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Meet the founders


PhD in Theoretical Physics

How the program works

Phase 1 | Week 1-Week 16
Find co-founder(s), develop an idea and draft whitepaper
€2,000/Month Talent Fellowship

Technical founders don’t need to have an existing idea to join Hackmind. In the first 4 month, founders will develop an idea and find co-founder(s) within the Hackmind community. We encourage founders to work on ideas that are continuations of their research and industrial experience. We challenge founders to solve technical problems instead of working on “good ideas”. During Phase 1, we will expose technical founders to business skills and how ICO works. We also host all kinds of activities to help founders to turn their expertise and obsession into solid ideas. Founders will get to know each other through working together. We believe in this is the best way to learn about how the other thinks, works and to discover whether there are complementary skill sets.

Selection Process | Week 16
Successful team with ideas will move on to Phase 2.

A number of projects will be selected to continue to Phase 2. It is a competitive process where decisions are based on the team, idea and quality of the white paper.

Phase 2 | Week 17+
Build MVC, prepare for pre-sale ICO
€100K Investment

In Phase 2, team will work towards building a Minimal Viable Community (MVC) while developing their white paper. We also provide guidance on product building and project management. In preparation for your ICO, we support you on the following challenges:
· Technical architecture review
· Product market fit assessment
· Product build
· Token economics evaluation
· PR & Marketing strategy
· ICO community management

ICO Launch

The Hackmind experience doesn't stop after the Pre-sale ICO. Our community will continue the support you until you launch a successful ICO and more imporantly, build the project.

Life at Hackmind


Let's build the decentralized future together

See you in Berlin in October, 2018