We support extraordinary individuals on their quest to achieve extraordinary missions

Twice a year we fund 100 individuals with technical background and support them to build AI companies in vertical industries
We Select You Entirely For Your Skill. Not Ideas. Not Teams
In the first three months, we give you a hackFund fellowship. That will cover your expenses and effectively decrease your cost function () while you focus on your ideas. You’ll have good chances to find a co-founder who has an equal determination to build a company at hackmind.
Binge On Your Obsession With Other Exceptional Minds
We pick the best technical talent that we can find – mostly hackers and researchers with AI background. We are looking for scientists and engineers who have the courage to build a unique, science-focused company from scratch.
Radically Change Your World In 6 Months

Stop thinking like an employee. We take the risk, so you can start hacking away on your dreams. Hackmind provides you with a thriving ecosystem to maximize the potential success of AI companies. In 6 month program, you’ll find your co-founder, go through lots of ideas, do rapid prototyping and get targeted feedback from experts. Gradient descend ascend to the top!

How to hack these vertical industries with Blockchain & AI
From horses to engines to self driving cars - how to enhance a better solution for the future market.
Provide solutions to make the $3 trillion healthcare industry more affordable and accessible.
Reform the logistics industry using intelligent delivery.
Improve the quality of mass education with adaptive learning.
Solve the housing crisis, reduce the cost of construction, and bring efficiency to building information modeling.
Invent ways to defend data from cyberattacks.
Explore various techniques to feed 10 billion people by 2050.
Revolutionize in-store and online shopping experiences.
Democratize the legal industry with deep learning technologies.
Cracking the space industry without a rocket using robotics and AI
Who: Hackers, makers, self-taught engineers

Where: Berlin, Germany

When: January 2018 // August 2018 

How: If you’re selected, we’ll fly you in to join our program. 

Apply now for the first cohort in January 2018.

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